Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Desire of the Day

I have dreams of having a successful herb garden... or at least some herbs in pots! Right now, I do have parsley, so I guess that is a step in the right direction. If I DID have lots o' herbs, I would totally have these:

$22.50 at Spoon Sisters

My Swedish Furniture Name!

Oh, how I do love IKEA. And now I have my very own piece of furniture!

Click the pic to generate your own Swedish furniture name!

Monday, June 23, 2008

a word cloud

Check out Wordle - enter text and it creates a word cloud for you.  I did "Take me out to the Ball Game"

Doing my civic duty

Well, I finally had to go in for jury duty today. And wouldn't you know, I was one of the 5 people actually chosen for the jury. I must have a fair and impartial look about me. Of course, I cannot discuss the case until it's over, but it's been quite an interesting experience so far. And I have about 2 more days to go! Not guilty! Objection! :)

Desire of the Day

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Seattle, I have been looking for a cute travel journal. Here we go:

$8.50 at Jet Set Paper (with 4 notecards!) Other cities available!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Desire of the Day

Today's covetable object is the snazzy 6-way Opener from Crate & Barrel.

It's cute AND it opens bottles, jars, pull tabs, chip bags, and the list goes on. I may just have to order this!

$7.95 at Crate & Barrel

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NEST: A good cause

I came across a great cause that, coincidentally, is called NEST! Their website describes their mission as follows:

Nest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of women in developing countries. The mission of Nest is to support women artists and artisans in the developing world by helping them create sustainable entrepreneurial businesses. To do this, Nest provides micro-credit loans to be used for the purchase of the supplies and materials necessary to begin and/or maintain art or craft-based businesses.

Check them out at http://shop.buildanest.com/

I love this idea! It incorporates so many things I love. They have some great things for sale that you can buy to help support the cause:

Silvergate Earrings by Bellastyle

Umbrella Print by Dallas Shaw

Salsa bowls by Maria Belen de la Cruz

Tangerine Messenger by Henry Road

Check it out when you have a minute, and keep NEST in mind for your gift shopping!

Kitties & Creme

I have this great new book:

And I have a feeling that my goal this summer is to make as many different types of cupcakes as possible. We start with the delicious sounding Cookies and Cream Cupcakes.

Not only are there Oreos on top but also IN the cupcakes! They are quite tasty. Cupcake Recipe #1is a success! Stay tuned for the next cupcake selection.

I've been doing stuff around the house and I couldn't resist some cute pictures of the girls:

They do love being outside!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Mix

Here's my mix tape of the moment!


Sweet Pumas

Well, I went to TJ Maxx today (SO crowded, by the way) and totally scored:

15 bucks on clearance! I got some sweet new shades too.

My kitties went to the vet today for checkups and shots, and you can see that The Little is tuckered out now:
She had 3 shots and was very brave. :)


For my initial post, I will start with some recent pictures. Last weekend, despite the insane heat, Tim and I decided to check out Harborfest in Norfolk.

Pretty ships! And insane heat! I was literally dripping. BUT, we got free samples of jam, Tim's favorite food.

All in all, not too bad!